The Philippi Park Tours
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A local experts team of experienced explorers, dedicated to revive the beauty of History, Myths, Culture, Gastronomy, and Nature in order to beautifully present it to all those travel lovers that seek for unique places, unique cultures, unique tastes and unique activities that lead to the transformation of the soul.

Some of the best travel experts, historians, travel guides, chefs, hospitality providers and locals have worked really hard to formulate travel experiences for History geeks, for Spirituals seekers even, for Food and Wine enthusiasts. We are now ready to explore together the 8,000 years of history of Philippi region.
Starting back in 6.500 B.C we shall take you to prehistoric journeys, to Dionysus rituals, to Alexander the Great wild horses, to Philippi gold mines, to sacred mountains and fertile wine valleys, to Via Egnatia journeys and Christianity paths shaped by the Apostle Paul, to historic battles like the Roman Battle of Philippi, to UNESCO archeological places. All these unique features are harmonically combined with the blue waters and sandy beaches of the Kavala and Thasos region, as well as with special events, happenings and ancient local customs of the region.

The ancient ruins of history are ready to reveal their secrets, the mountains and rivers their trails, the local museums to expose their antiquities, the Dionysus wines to color your lips red, the locals to embrace you with their hospitality and the Philippi farmers to present you their unique products. All the above well tuned by Philippi Park Tours.
Get ready