Tobacco Trades and Stories
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Tobacco production is an art that catapulted Northern Greece’s economy in the 19 century and one of the most important folklore stories of the area. The first tobacco was produced in the Chrisoupoli and Xanthi area, where it is still being made as well as the Philippi plain. Processing of tobacco leaves took place in the homes of producers and required large families to worktogether in special conditions.

An airy space for the first processing stage (Bourliasma) was required, different spaces for the tobacco leaves to hang, another space for making blocks of tobacco leaves, and an area for the “lokva”. Our grandmothers have many stories to tell about tobacco and its techniques. Storage had to be in a lightproof warehouse, which usually was on the ground floor.

The tobacco producers delivered tobacco to tobacco merchants who were processed in Kavala, Xanthi, Drama, Doxato and Eleftheroupoli.

Big tobacco merchants and export houses built privately owned warehouses spending huge amounts of money for that period of time. The main export trade to Europe was made from the port of Kavala. The city from the late 19th century was accommodating severalEuropean embassies serving the commercial houses. At that point were built the most Tobacco warehouses in Kavala, which you cannot miss while wandering in the city.
This travel experience is specially designed by historians, travel guides, the Tobacco Museum of Kavala and local experts to present you with the most wealthy era of the region’s latest history, the era of Tobacco trade.

Some of the best architecture is presented, monumental buildings are built, exceptional designs decorate the interiorss, European embassies settleat the region and a vivid economic and cultural life emerges. And all these due to the golden leaves of this very special tobacco, the so aromatic that becomes so famous in Europe and America.

Starting from the city of Drama and its production plains, the visitor will go through the whole production process of this precious leaves when people used to do this with their own hands, go through the Tobacco warehouses, where the leaves were stored and packed to finally get on big boats that sailed to European ports.

A great opportunity for the visitor to indulge in the history and architecture of the great era of Tobacco in North Greece.
  • Bus transfer to all guided tour
  • Official guide of Philippi Park for all guided tour
  • Official leader of Philippi Park during the whole tour
  • Entrance fee for folklore museum of Prosotsani
  • Entrance fee for Tobacco Museum of Kavala
  • One (1) lunch with Philippi Park gastronomy products
  • Philippi Park gastronomy box with local products
  • Official photographer of Philippi park to cover the expedition
  • Map and things to do in Philippi Park
Gathering at starting point Starting for the city of Drama, a guided tour to the newly renovated Hydrama Hotel will take place, which used to be a Tobacco Warehouse. In this exceptional piece of architecture the history of tobacco production will be introduced together with a mini tour in the hotel's spaces that used to host tobacco processes En route to Prosotsani, a famous tobacco producing village of Drama, we shall enjoy the Philippi Park plain and the valley view Guided tour at the Folklore Museum of Prosotsani – The guide will take a close look at the everyday life of a tobacco producing family, what chores and activities they did, the clothes they wore, the tools they used. A Workshop of processing tobacco leaves will take place in the end, to experience the procedure. En route to Kavala city through the villages of Philippi Park, to observe the urban plain and several nature elements. Lunch at traditional restaurant with Philippi Park gastronomy Guided tour at the Tobacco Museum of Kavala and the historical Kapnergati Square of Kavala city. Guided tour at several landmark houses of Kavala, like old embassies and homes of tobacco traders and a final stop at the city's port to describe how the ships were loaded with the tobacco products to travel toEuropean destinations. Return to hotel (For summer period there is the option to head to the beach)
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