On the footsteps of Apostle Paul
5-Day Package
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One of the most important historical events of the area and a landmark of the foundation of the Christian Church and the expansion of Christianity to the whole of Europe, is the disembarkment of Apostle Paul in the port of Neapolis (Kavala). In the spring of 50 AD following a divine vision and an imploring cry to get to Macedonia. He subsequently trailed to Philippi through Via Egnatia. In Philippi, although imprisoned by the Roman authorities, he found breeding ground to preach this new religion which he brought from afar. Finally outside the walls of Philippi, at the Zigakti river, he will baptize the first group of European Christians, most notably the first European christian woman, Lydia Porphyraria. The landmark ruins of Philippi with the enormous basilicas provide the evidence of Apostle Paul’s passage and its contribution to the European civilization. Today, in this area lies the beautiful baptistery of St. Lydia.
This travel experience is specially designed by historians, travel guides, chefs and local experts to present you the life of Apostle Paul and his first steps on Europe. During these five days of travel at the Philippi Park region, the visitor will first step on the grounds of Kavala city, its beautiful port and the old town in Panagia peninsula while following Apostle Paul’s footsteps through the ancient Via Egnatia.

This road of high economic importance is connecting Asia to Europe and goes through the Archeological Site of Philippi (UNESCO site) where the Apostle was imprisoned after preaching Christianity.

The city of Philippi used to be a spiritual place for many decades where ancient gods, like Dionysus ,were praised. This was the place that Apostle Paul chose to baptize the first European Christian, named Lydia. The baptistery and church of Lydia, is the first emblem of Christianity attracting visitors from all over the world that seek to be baptized again at the sacred waters of Zigaktis river. In addition to these historic places the visitor will be awed by the oldest monastery in Northern Greece, Panagia Ikosifinissa and impressed by the valley and mountains of Philippi Park.

This fertile valley is generously enriching the local gastronomy and wine production which the visitor will taste through all the days of the package.
  • 5 day (4 nights) accommodation at a 5* hotel, breakfast included
  • Bus transfer to and from Airport
  • Bus transfer to all guided tour
  • Official guide of Philippi Park for all guided tour
  • Official leader of Philippi Park during the whole tour
  • Entrance at the Archeological Site of Philippi & Philippi Museum
  • Entrance fee at the Baptistery of Lydia
  • Entrance fee at the Panagia Ikosifinissa Monastery
  • Three (3) lunch and one (1) Dinner, featuring Philippi Park gastronomy products
  • Architectural tour inside the hotel, connection with local history, the Philippi Park region
  • Welcome drink (Wines of god Dionysus)
  • Philippi Park gastronomy box with local products
  • Official photographer of Philippi park to cover the expedition
  • Map and things to do in Philippi Park
Arrival at the Airport of Thessaloniki / Kavala Bus transfer to the hotel and hotel check-in 1-hour Welcome session, connection with local history, the Philippi Park region Free time to stroll around the city
Gathering at starting point Guided Tour at the Apostle Paul monument outside the church of St.Nicholas in Kavala. The spot where Apostle Paul first disembarked in Europe after leaving Samothrace island. Guided Tour at Panagia Peninsula and Kavala Old Town, making the connection between Apostle Paul and the old city and its history Walking Guided Tour through a section of Via Egnatia (Kavala) with simultaneous narrative of Apostle Paul’s journey, the significance of this path and its history Lunch at traditional restaurant featuring gastronomical delights of Philippi Park. Return to starting point
Gathering at starting point Guided Tour at the monument of Vibius Quartus, the so-called “Orthopetra” or “Dikili Tash”. Otherwise known as the “crib of Bucephalus” overlooking the homonym hill of the prehistoric settlement. Here we will discuss the prehistoric settlement, the population’s history, any archeological findings and discoveries. Guided Tour at the Necropolis of Philippi within Krinides village. Church and cemetery ruins on Via Egnatia, outside the archeological site of Philippi. Break - 15-minute snack and water rest Guided Tour at the archaeological site of Philippi (UNESCO monument) – Navigation through the archaeological space and connection with Apostle Paul and findings that reveal his influence in the culture and history of the area. Lunch at traditional restaurant featuring gastronomical delights of Philippi Park. Return to starting point
Gathering at starting point Guided Tour at the church and baptistery site of Lydia of Filippisia. The site is next to Zygaktis river, where the firstEuropean Christian, Lydia, was baptized. A very important Christianity place with a very special energy, that people tend to visit from all over the world, to experience baptism or Christianity history. Guided Tour at the ancient Mudbaths of Lydia and the story of Battle of Philippi, the Roman battle between the democrats and Julius Ceasar, that took place among the hills. On route to Panagia Ikosifinissa monastery Guided Tour of Panagia Ikosifinissa monastery, a Jewel of faith. The oldest monastery of Macedonia, fully operating for 16 centuries, on Mount Pangeo. The architecture, the frescos and painting inside the monastery and the nuns will excite your art senses and make you feel zen. Lunch at traditional restaurant featuring gastronomical delights of Philippi Park. Return to starting point
Breakfast and hotel check out Bus transfer to airport and depart to final destination
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