Wine and Dine with Dionysus
Full-Day Package
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Dionysus is the god of wine, fertility and vegetation. Worshiped by the Thracian Hedoniαns, hence why this area in ancient times was called Hedonida.

Dionysus’ worship extends the entire area of Pangeo mountain, Menikio mountain and Drama. Myths, legends and the tradition of wine are intertwined with god Backhos stemming many historical events and customs of Arapides, Babougera and fires of Dervena. Following Dionysus comes Orpheus, the "charmer of music and divination", originator of mystic ceremonies, religious prophet, poet and priest.

Orpheus is associated with the myth of the Argonauts and the kidnapping of Persephone. According to tradition this took place in the Zygakti river, where much later the baptism of the first European Christian occurred by Apostle Paul.
This travel experience is specially designed by historians, travel guides, chefs and local wineries to present you with myth of god Dionysus and Orpheus through history, ancient temples, myths, gastronomy and customs of the Philippi Park region.

What a great chance to experience the Valley of Philippi, the Pangeo Mount, the Archeological site of Philippi (UNESCO monument), the Dionysus gastronomy, five of the finest Dionysus Wineries and Estates, the highly appreciated music and philosophy of Orpheus, the city of Drama and the city of Kavala with its beautiful beaches and old town.

A totally spiritual travel experience that will advance the visitor’s knowledge of the ancient greek philosophy, music and customs, elevate its taste with wine tasting local grape varieties accompanied by the local gastronomy and finally visiting the creations of man and nature at this very important region where some of the most important historical events happened, like the baptism of the firstEuropean Christian by Apostle Paul but also the famous Roman Battle of Philippi that changed the rue of democracy in Europe.
  • Bus transfer to and from Airport
  • Official guide of Philippi Park for all guided tour
  • Official leader of Philippi Park during the whole tour
  • Entrance at the Archeological Site of Philippi & Philippi Museum
  • Wine tasting at all three (3) wineries
  • One (1) lunch and one (1) Dinner, with Philippi Park gastronomy products
  • Philippi Park gastronomy box with local products
  • Official photographer of Philippi park to cover the expedition
  • Map and things to do in the city
Additional Free Seasonal Activities:
  • Participation at the custom Arapides in January
  • Participation at the custom Babougera in January
  • Participation at the custom Dervenas on the last Sunday of Mascarade (February or March)
Gathering at starting point Guided Tour at the monument of Vibius Quartus, the so-called “Orthopetra” or “Dikili Tash”. Otherwise known as the “crib of Bucephalus” overlooking the homonym hill of the prehistoric settlement. Here we will discuss the prehistoric settlement, the population’s history, any archeological findings and discoveries. Guided tour of the archaeological site of Philippi (UNESCO monument) – Navigation through the archaeological space and connection with Dionysus and his findings which reveal his influence in the culture and history of the area. Dionysus Food and Wine Tasting - Guided tour and Lunch at local winery (Mountain Vineyards Lalikos) Dionysus Wine Tasting - Guided tour at local winery (Château Nico Lazaridi) Return to hotel (For summer period there is the option to head to the beach)
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