The Philippi Park Experience
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The great land of the first European Christian and Apostle Paul, of King Philip ll and Alexander the Great, of Dionysus, Orpheus and of the famous Battle of Philippi. Amongst the mountains of Pangeo, Falakro, Menikio and Symbolo, where the lake Prasiada used to reside, there lies the fertile plain of Philippi, which for the last 8,500 years serves as the host to man, his creations and activities.

In this uniquely beautiful natural habitat, evidence of human existence dates back to 6500 BC. Around 4300 BC it served as the area where the first wine was produced in Europe whereas, later during the end of the Bronze Age and the beginning the Iron Age, Thracians populated the land. The land of Philippi is connected to its core to Orphic and Dionysian worship, particularly Pangeo mountain, holy mount of god Dionysus, and to the abduction of Persephone. Most importantly it can serve as an inspiration for mysterious journeys that may guide any human soul willing to search for them.
During the 4th century BC, the first Greek settlers inhabited the area, they were Ionians from the island of Thassos. It was here that king of Macedonia, Phillip II, defeated the Thracians and became the first Greek ruler who named the city he founded after his name. Philippi. An area which in 2016 was designated as a UNESCO heritage site, and marks the area where Christianity was first established in Europe with the baptism of the first European Christian Lydia the Phillipian and the founding of the first European Church from Apostle of Nations Paul.

A mythical, mysterious, fertile place, both physically and spiritually. A rich place which deserves to be studied and exploited and etched in human memory as our world’s cultural heritage.